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Wehnaum - God's Comfort
Weh is a Kassim(Grushi) name for God, Naum is from the word nee-əm, -⁠nay-əm;[1] Hebrew: translit. Naḥūm, lit. 'Nahum... Meaning Comfort) Birthed Wehnaum Gated Community

I ascribe to the belief that "Everyone is at a stage in their life that wanting to get to the next level of Peace and Tranquility is a priority." I believe that Wehnaum is well established to be the Estates that embodies your vision and our input.
With You + Us as a team we will get to this next level in life. Thank You.

Whiles a house holds on to the value of your savings, if it is well constructed and maintained properly. The house will always have the Increasing Value Effect(IVE). Make a right decision today. We have got your back! Get on Board. Thank You.

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Facilities we provide at Wehnuem are world class standard. We dont fuss about it.

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