Our Vision and Mission

VISION: To create an Eden on Earth. A Community where after a hard day's work a member can retire into the Peace and Comfort of the home and feel secured to look and plan ahead in Life. Wehnaum as built by Naaseon Investments has no competitors since is envisioned to complete and not compete with the near likes, and has a well researched and tested path of Value Holding.

At Wehnuem we believe your House should hold value for your investment; and a residential house built today should always appreciate in value given Time (both Nominally and Real) thus Our pledge to always put community development and innovation into practice. We have the highest standard of community maintenance through the appointment of a Concierge and ably assisted by a team of experts (Securities, Electrical, Plumbing, Gardening, Cleaners, Librarians, Nunnies etc).

We have a fine edged security detail which is grouped into two "Communitywise and Individual base". CCTV manning of common areas and digital home entry are but a few.

MISSION Do you know that in the 1950's the VW beetle was the car of the moment and it cost the same in monetary value as a residential unit at Patase, Kumasi. Fast-forward ➡ today the Residential property well maintained still holds great value and worth much much more compared to the 1950 VW Beettle. A house is and has always been a solid Investment provided the Environmental determinants are well taken care of. Having a Wehnaum property will remain a prized ASSET for Generations and Generations to come, and incomparably the Best Legacy to bestow to your Family Lineage.

Our way of construction and maintenance puts us in a cost efficient lead. Utilizing every facet of the building and every material spent on it. Building efficiency, great architectural design(retained) and longevity of materials used combines to form the Masterpiece Called the HOME.

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Facilities we provide at Wehnuem are world class standard. We dont fuss about it.

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